Dear fellow students of Iyengar Yoga,

We are pleased to announce that Abhijata Iyengar has accepted our invitation to teach an Online Workshop hosted by the German Association (IYD).

  • Times / Dates:  July 9th – July 12th, 2020  –  each day from 7:30 till 9:30 AM, CEST.
  • Workshop fee: 60 €
  • Online via Zoom

Abhijata is of course one of the most experienced teachers at RIMYI in Pune and a leading figure in the present efforts to help spread Iyengar Yoga around the world. Further information about her is available online.

Registration is closed

Note: Confirmations, informations and links will be sent by email (via Mailchimp). Please check your spam folder regularly (;

Recording the workshop classes by the participants will not be allowed. The IYD will provide a link to the recording of each class, which will be valid for 120 hours after the class has ended.

Sending your personal login link for the classes on to others is not allowed.

Prerequisite for attendance is a working knowledge of the basics of Iyengar Yoga (= about 1 year of class). All qualified students can register, world wide.

Abhijata teaches in English, there will be no translation online.

We welcome all to join us for this unusual and happy event and hope we can contribute to uniting all of Guruji’s students here in Germany, in Europe and around the world.